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Tiffany and Co. Sunglasses – The Brand of NYC!

Tiffany and Co.’s eyewear designs have been perfectly epitomizing the New York lifestyle since the 20th century. It has proven to be adaptable and timeless in its elegance and finesse, having fit into the Roaring Twenties, which was a decade of jazz and decadence, and the simplicity and harmony that came with life post-World War II. Unfortunately for men, Tiffany and Co. offers eyewear products exclusively for women and designs them with specific aesthetic details to reflect its target audience. Let’s take a look at some of the delightfully feminine eyewear that Tiffany and Co. has to offer!

First, let’s examine the TF3021. It is styled with Aviator/Pilot styled rimless frames. These frames look their best on those lovely ladies out there who have been fortunate enough to have oval, square, and heart shaped faces. The metal in the frames gives them great strength, endurance, and malleability, supplemented with excellent resistance to corrosion. With lenses made of polycarbonate, you will be getting thin, lightweight lenses that have 10 times the impact resistance of other common materials such as plastic and glass. Not only that, but the polycarbonate also completely prevents any and all of the UV radiation that the sun emits, ensuring your protection from glare when you’re outside. Do be aware though that the polycarbonate will need an additional coating specifically to protect it from scratches and another coating, that being one that is anti-reflective, in order to offset its lens reflections. Additionally, for those of you women out there who have chosen to put prescription lenses in these sunglasses, if you have strong prescription powers, then your side vision may be slightly lower visual clarity. Stylistically, this model is from the Return to Tiffany Heart Collection, which is one of most popular collections that the brand has offered. Models in the collection, such as this one, have their temples engraved with a shiny metal heart that has that classic Tiffany appeal that helps remind the wearer that it’s no ordinary heart – it’s a Tiffany heart. We offer this model in the colors of Gold and Silver. As has been stated before, these sunglasses are RX-able (prescription lenses are available). With this beauty priced at a 20% discount off of its regular retail price, you will get an affordable, stunning pair of sunwear!

Next, let’s examine the TF4080, yet another popular model. This one features fully rimmed Cat-Eye styled frames, which are an amazing fit with so many different face shapes, particularly heart, square, and oval shaped faces. The acetate in the frames makes these sunglasses hypoallergenic, lightweight, and flexible, with its greatest draw being its versatility in regards to its coloring choices. The lenses are made of the common CR-39 plastic polymer, which adds on to how lightweight these sunglasses really are. They are also a natural fit for acetate frames because the plastic is able to easily accept those tints with uniform grade colors. Additional benefits include good visual acuity and clarity and shatter resistance far better than that of glass lenses. Be warned that these lenses will need two additional coatings for greater durability and utility, one for scratch resistance and another for 100% protection against the UV rays emitted by the sun, respectively. For the aesthetics, you can observe that sleek acetate top bar and those unique, dazzling Tiffany Hearts on the temples. You can choose from among the colors of Ivory, Pink, Havana Blue, and Black Blue. These sunglasses are RX-able for your convenience. With a price discounted 20% off of the regular retail one, you will be getting a thrifty, striking pair of sunglasses that will be the envy of friends and strangers alike!

Tiffany and Co. Sunglasses